New Humana store in the old town of Tallinn

Humana’s first store in Tallinn’s old town will be opened on December 8 at Aia street 7. A new vintage store will take over the baton from the Kotzebue store.

Kotzebue Humana was opened on November 6, 2006. Since 2019 Kotzebue shop has been operating as a vintage store. Now it is moving to Aia street in the old town. Kotzebue Humana last day is 25gh of November, when all items are just 50 cents. Come by and say goodbye or „see you soon“!

Aia vintage Humana has a larger sales area thus also a larger selection of goods. The merchandise selection includes exclusively selected vintage clothing for men and women, as well as footwear, accessories and jewelry. Aia Humana has something for every trendy and environmentally conscious fashion lover!


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